Why Office Sites Are So Popular

These days, more and more office sites are attracting attention. Unlike ordinary officetels, there is a public space, and the big advantage is that you can sign a monthly rent contract in a short period of time. Among them, there was a new episode Sinchon branch, so I went on an office site tour.

When I saw the reviews of those who made a reservation for the office site tour at first, it was very chaotic, but there were not many people at the time I visited, and the person in charge was pleasant and kind, so I could see it pleasantly.

It was good to fill out the 오피사이트 투어 card and show various rooms that are currently available as well as the showroom. In the showroom space, furniture available for subscription was set up in the episode, so it was good to know how it felt after moving in.

There is a price tag on the site like this, and if you take a picture of it, you can access the site and see it. There are furniture, lighting, and pictures, and inquiries by period are also available. Furniture is not included, but basically heating facilities, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. are included.

There are also dry rooms available. This place has a shared kitchen exercise area, a work zone where you can work, and it is available with membership mileage, which looked good! The common space is divided into several floors, and the lighting is good because it is located on the side of the Gyeongui Line Forest Road.

Although there were not many rooms available to move in, there were various structures. The actual space feels different from the showroom, so I couldn’t come out these days because of Corona, but it was ambiguous to find a house because I went back and forth to Korea, and it was always uncomfortable to stay in a hotel, but it was attractive because it was a place that I could live in a short period of time.

Since it is a contract to move in with the company, the management fee and monthly rent are paid to the operator immediately, so it will be less inconvenient and more convenient if there is a problem.

Sinchon Branch is located along the Gyeongui Line Forest Road within 5 minutes from Sinchon Station, so it is good to take a walk. It is said that the cheapest room was already out quickly in the early stages, but the price of 😅 is also cheaper than other branches.