Gangnam Bohee’s passionate warm-up massage

Gangnam yJ Bohee’s passionate
a warm-up massage
Leave your body to Bohee!

Warming up with Bohee 😍
A warm-up!​
Gently, the sore part of the muscle
Deep tissue for massaging
It stimulates the epidermis and helps with lymphatic circulation
an emotional swedey massage (강남 안마 잘하는 집)

warm up massage

  • It’s Bohee’s own decol-demassage
    I’ll warm up your stiff neck
    Relax your upper body and don’t dry your shoulders
    Massage that helps to circulate the lymph
    Get a Decolde massage~
    I’ll warm up your stiff neck
    It circulates so that your shoulders don’t dry​
  • how to warm up oil for massage

Stretch Emotional Sweaty Massage (front/rear)
60 minutes – 120,000 won
The lymphatic fluid doesn’t flow smoothly
It’s edema
It causes fatigue.
Aroma massage
It gives you emotional stability with a soft touch​
Warm-up Deep Tissue or Emotional Sweaty Massage
90 minutes – 170,000 won
The part that hurts
Softly point massage dip tissue
A sentimental suede that gently loosens the epidermis
Warming up Deep Tissue Therapy (Back)
Sensitive Swedish massage (front)
Neck/Face Plasma Massage
120 minutes – 2만원 won
Relaxation effect and muscle balance
Deep tissue that helps blood circulation in the lymph
It’s a lymphatic circulation massage

warm up massage

cool down massage

how to do massage

Deep tissue massage
Soft Lymph Massage
Scalp massage, facial blood spot
Foot + Hand Massage
It’s a place where my body is completely blocked
I’ll let them all!
All at once!​
The treatment is separate
Please call me!

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