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Introduction to Mountain Massage (오피마사지)

Today, I’m going to write a review of receiving a prenatal massage at (오피명인) , an Ansan 오피마사지 specialty store. Now that I’m in the late 30th week of pregnancy, my stomach has come out a lot and it’s gotten heavy. As a result, my back hurts and especially at night. I couldn’t sleep on my back, and I woke up and my legs were numb and my muscles were clumping My Achilles tendon hurts, my shoulder hurts, and my arm often feels numb like a cramp.prenatal massage

That’s why I got a prenatal massage from , an오피명인! OP people take care of prenatal massage, 오피마사지, baby fat, sweet massage, etc. Before and after pregnancy, and there is a business trip massage, so it’s hard for pregnant women or mothers after childbirth, but it’s good to get it at home!benefits of prenatal massage

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Op people’s (오피명인)

Business hours: 10 to 20 o’clock every day (open throughout the year
Phone number: 0507-1303-1407

certified prenatal massage

The manager of the OP master who will give me a prenatal massage has arrived! He really has a lot of luggage. He came in carefully disinfected for safety outside the house. The carrier part where the floor touches is only put in the front door. It was nice that you cared about it neatly. what is prenatal massage

The manager who is an OP master set up the massage bed and tools first, and the bed is beige, so it’s perfect for my house, right? They even put a warm floor on the bed. I heard that you use expensive products that don’t worry about electromagnetic waves for pregnant women and pregnant women!

They put a cover on top and sanitized it thoroughly. I am relieved to hear that the disinfectant uses a safe product that can be used even for babies. On top of that, they put another layer of disposable mat like below. Since it’s the season, it seems like they set it up cleaner and safer. when can you get a prenatal massage

Prepartum Massage (OP Massage) Treatment

Since it’s a business massage, I thought the setting would be a bit sloppy, but it’s not a setup that I envy the management room! The bed is also strong, so there is no shaking or discomfort. Ansan Sanjeon 오피마사지 Professional OP Master takes care of your back. My spine is a bit bent and my right shoulder is not good because of that, but my back and shoulders were so cool! what is a prenatal massage

I was tickled a lot, so I didn’t get massages
Maybe it’s because I’m not feeling well now, but it’s really cool. He gave me a cool massage on my soft arms. My hands and arms often feel numb after hearing the pregnancy, but it was so nice to get a massage. It was great that they checked it out and adjusted it to the right pressure. prenatal massage benefits. prenatal massage at home

And the manager said he used to work in the obstetrics and gynecology department and was in the O.R So, it was helpful for me as an initial child because I was told a lot of information about pregnancy and childbirth. It’s a really cool hand massage. I often wake up with cramps in my hands, and it was really cool and nice to massage my hands.

prenatal massage-오피마사지-오피명인

Massage that suppresses pain in various areas

They massaged my calves and thighs! It was so cool. After I got pregnant, my legs were stuffy and my Achilles tendon hurt, and I felt that fatigue was completely relieved. He also warmed up his thighs. I got a prenatal massage, but the OP master’s 오피마사지 is more special and takes twice as much time to take care of it. It’s so comfortable to come home and I heard that my body doesn’t recover even after two weeks of discharge, so I want to get it more later.

It was good to wrap it in a medium towel and press it down. It feels so refreshing The manager, who is an OP, also gave me a massage and chest care, and because I have a baby, she gave me a gentle low pressure and taught me how to manage papilla with oil in the late pregnancy. If you’re going to breastfeed, it’s better to take care of it in advance. As expected, it’s a great tip for me as a first-time mother.

Prepartum Massage Discount Promotion

Oh, and there is an event where you can get a discount if you book the most premium management in advance among the OP massage sites of Ansan OP masters as a special planning course discount. He cleaned the room thoroughly and even disinfected the floor. After the massage, I feel so refreshed and light!

It was good that my body, which had been struggling with the weight of my stomach, and my body, which had not been able to circulate blood due to the size of my stomach, were relieved. It was really comfortable to get it at home, so I wanted to get OP service.

Today, I left a review of receiving a prenatal massage in the late pregnancy at , an OP person specializing in prenatal OP massage in Ansan. It was really cool and nice, and the mother who had been taking care of her body was less swollen and her blood circulation was good, so she was less swollen!

Anyway, it was a day where I could get lots of tips on pregnancy and childbirth and heal. I hope everyone is healthy and I’ll see you in the next post~

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