Pellet Stoves As An Eco-Friendly Heating Option

You can always tell when the weather turns a bit colder around Westport. As homes begin to turn on their heat, you can begin to smell the wood that is being burnt in the air. Although this smell is often quite pleasant and brings back memories for many of us of the family gathered around the fire, the harsh reality is that the wood-burning stoves of old could be throwing harmful particulates into the air. As you breathe in the pleasant wood sent, those particulates could be going into your lungs.

There are good wood-burning stoves out there that have less than 4 grams of particulates per hour of burn time, but pellet stoves are even better. They are a little more expensive than your average wood stove, but the impact to the environment is a lot less. In some ways, you could even say that a pellet stove can help the environment.

It’s All About the Pellets That You Burn

When we talk to homeowners about transitioning to a pellet stove, we get a lot of responses in common. Many people believe that pellet stoves just run on wood products. Why buy a more expensive stove that still runs on wood if you’re trying to save the environment?

That line of thinking is understandable. Reasonable. It’s also a misconception about what the best pellet stove models can do. There are a number of recycled materials that are formed into heating pellets that can be used in many of today’s pellet stoves. You can even get compacted garbage pellets that don’t use any wood products whatsoever in their composition.

Garbage pellets? Wouldn’t that make your home smell terrible? With modern venting, you don’t smell the operation of a pellet stove at all. The only whiff of odor that you tend to receive is when you pull out the ash tray or open up the stove to clean it. Outside of that, your home smells just like it always has.

There’s Other Pellets That Can Be Used As Well

One of the more exciting home heating options you can use today are corn pellets. Most corn pellets are produced locally, which means the money you spend on your heating costs will stay in the Westport economy. The one issue is the amount of ash these pellets produce, which is something that not every pellet stove can handle.

On the horizon is also the use of grass pellets. This is also a high ash home heating option, so much so that most stoves can’t handle them as of yet. Even though the cleaning needs will likely be higher with these pellets, the costs are dramatically lower. Grass is a virtually unlimited resources as well and there’s no difference in the heat output.

Whether you have a new home that needs a heating source or your Westport residence could use a heating upgrade so you could save some cash this winter, then consider installing a pellet stove. It is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to stay warm on a cold day!

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