Effectiveness of massage and massage recommended by 오피시그니처

In today’s Health Act, we will tell you the efficacy of massage recommended by 오피시그니처.

I regularly have to see my doctor at a university hospital once every three months
Also, it is good to be able to learn this and that while attending an oriental medicine clinic because I was injured a few years ago. In the case of acupuncture, I’ve seen acupuncture on my thighs, but it’s not easy. Therefore, there are massage, squeezing, and putting your hands on them when it is difficult to use saliva.

Let’s find out their tips, the efficacy of massage, and the efficacy of massage.

■ Types of pain treatment principles!

If the principles of pain treatment in oriental medicine are largely divided into two, there are remote treatments for acupuncture and moxibustion in other places other than painful places, and asiatic treatments for acupuncture and moxibustion in painful places. Of these two treatments, telemedicine may require expertise, but anyone can do an asiatic treatment that “appropriately stimulates the sick.” In other words, simple treatment is possible for you and your family with a little tip.

■ Effectiveness of massage!

The best way to irritate the painful area is a massage. You can tap even if you have a headache, and even if you have an upset stomach, you can reduce the symptoms by properly stimulating your stomach. There is a reason why grandmother beats with a “Oh my” sound when she has back pain or muscle pain, which is because of the experience that stimulating the pain has been resolved. In oriental medicine, most of the painful symptoms are attributed to poor communication of gases, or gases. One of the easiest treatments at this time is tapping and rubbing. The reason for tapping the whole body in stomatal gymnastics or Danjeon breathing is to help the circulation of blood. If you tap it well, you can not only catch the pain but also improve your health. There is a course program where you can experience the efficacy of massage in my recommended 오피시그니처.

 massage recommended by 오피시그니처

■ Tips for massages!

The trick of massaging is relatively simple. Generally, it is better to use the snap of the wrist rather than the massage method like a bat. With a very light fist, shake your arm a little and tap lightly with the movement of your wrist. It is better to use the palm of your hand rather than the fist for muscles or arms that have less weight. Relax your fingers and tap your arms or shoulders with your naturally closed palm. However, don’t do it too hard, and tap with your fingertips when you massage a very thin head. If you have a lot of muscles, such as your waist and thighs, you can increase the strength of your tapping. If the abdomen or head is too strong, it may be unreasonable, but where the muscles are hard, it is not unreasonable to increase the intensity of the stimulation.Please check the detailed massage tips and self massage methods at 오피시그니처.

■ Effectiveness of kneading!

The massage method is also helpful for the blood pressure, but the massage method is also a good method. Think about how to massage your shoulder muscles. It is also good to press the painful area with your thumb or index finger. When you touch your body, there are unexpectedly severe pain. If there is a problem with the digestive system, there is a possibility that there is a problem anywhere in the body if there is a pain in the Hapgok blood. If you gently rub the painful area with your finger, the pain disappears and blood flow is smooth.

■ People who see the effects of massage!

It is especially good for the elderly among people who are good at seeing the effects of massages. As you get older, you lack energy and have problems communicating your overall chi, so you can’t help but feel pain here and there. If you properly stimulate the painful area and communicate with the chi smoothly, not only the pain will be reduced, but also the areas that have no symptoms will be cooled. This is because the flow of blood that was complete becomes smooth. Massage is not only good for the elderly. It’s good for young and old people as well as elementary, middle and high school students. The shoulder muscles of students who study in the same position for a long time are often lumped together. Make about 10 minutes after dinner. The effectiveness of the massage that touches the shoulder while talking about school life is perfect. Depending on the muscle tension, you can identify your child’s stress and reopen the blocked conversation window.

■ How to touch your palms!

In addition to tapping, there is also a way to put your palms on the painful area. When you have pain in your abdomen or muscles, put your palm on the painful area. When you have a stomachache, put your hand on the sore spot for about a minute, and the gastrointestinal tract begins to wriggle. If you touch the pain area, the pain gets worse and worse, and at some point the pain decreases like snow melting. It depends on the area where it hurts, but you usually have to lightly touch it for about 10 minutes. It is absolutely not to press. Relax your hands and put them on the pain area lightly. Most of the simple muscle problems are relieved by touching the palm of your hand. Of course, touching and tapping cannot be the way of panacea.
If the pain does not improve even after using these treatments, you should see an oriental doctor or doctor. If the intensity of the pain increases or the interval between the pain decreases, the symptoms are worsening, so it is recommended to get treatment quickly.