Making Water Conservation a Priority

Water conservation is important to us all and we do what we can to comply. Wasting water comes with the territory when baths and showers are at issue. A full tub of water contains gallons that is gone in minutes. Showers are better, especially if short, but equipment makes a difference. Shower heads are now designed to save water and provide a satisfying experience at the same time. A little research will reveal the best choices for the ecologically minded.

There are good options these days as attention has been worldwide on the problem of water usage. Water saving temperature sensors, low flow units, low volume economy models and more exist for your individual needs. Brands such as Delta, American Standard, Ez-flo, and Price Pfister will satisfy an eco-friendly focus. It’s always a question of features and cost.

No one wants to waste water. It just happens as a matter of course. You don’t think about it, even in areas that are known to suffer shortages. It’s time to pay attention to what you can do quickly and easily to play your part. When it comes to cleanliness, you don’t have to indulge the whim to sing in the shower for an hour and lounge in the tub reading a good book. Selecting new equipment as an upgrade to existing older models is the beginning of a conservation conscious new you.

For anywhere from $10 to $200, you can install a new water saving shower head that will save water and therefore money. Both are valuable goals. If in doubt, read reviews and go middle of the road: not the cheapest, not the most deluxe. Lower end products may work as well as the steeper priced items. Plus you can pick from chrome or brass, twist action, vandal proof, dual head, and ever earth massage. Why not try a few as the expenditure is fairly minimal and you will end up with just the right one in the long run.

The look of luxury and the benefit of savings is the hallmark of the commercial model 1.5 gpm at People use them in apartment buildings. It has wide spray coverage and adjustable angles. Niagara makes some dual head and massage devices at a modest price that are good looking. Flow control is available with many known brands. Ultra shower saver is a tip off description of an option that will keep you on track. You can get a high velocity stream of water despite the low flow. You can adjust the size of droplets you desire as well. Some people opting for a new unit can save up to 50% in energy costs.

Many shower heads are now very modern and streamlined. After considering price and quality, features that match your lifestyle and décor come into play. Water efficiency is the name of the game but you can also have compatibility of design—such as hand held versus fixed mount. Shower performance will be there so you can combine functionality and appearance in one fell swoop.

There are multiple settles and a plethora of spray patterns and finishes. Maybe you want a flexible neck, maybe you want a luxury appearance. It’s no small matter when it comes to that ultimate morning indulgence!