Lomi Lomi Beauty Therapy

Lomi Lomi Beauty Therapy

Lomi Lomi Beauty Therapy

1) Definition
Lomi Lomi is an indigenous Hawaiian word meaning massage, which means putting the body in harmony with the waves and waterfalls of Hawaii. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi has long been recognized as a deep and sophisticated healing technique in the lives of indigenous peoples here. Based on the Hawaiian lifestyle philosophy of HUNA, it is a traditional Hawaiian massage that relieves the body from all tension and improves breathing through massage.The 오피사이트 정보 One Click site provides information on Hawaiian massage.

2) Purpose
Lomi Lomi literally means ‘to rub’, ‘to separate from each other’, or ‘to divide into small parts using your fingers’. It is a therapy aimed at deep and profound healing that softens body tissues, improves blood flow, is effective for pain, and provides new energy.

3) Effect
Circulatory system: A physical cleansing action that promotes peripheral blood circulation and smooths venous blood flow and discharges toxins from the body to the lymph nodes by kneading or sliding strokes
Nervous System: Effectively reduces pain, relieves emotions, calms the nervous system and awakens the senses.
· Internal organs: Abdominal massage helps digestion and improves the efficiency of the internal organs and digestive system by improving the excretory function of organs. Also, Lomi Lomi is very effective in pregnancy or restoring the function of some body organs.
Musculoskeletal system: Stretches and relaxes tense muscles. In particular, the transverse stroke motion is effective in relieving stiffness between muscle fibers.

Lomi Lomi spa

4) Romi Lomi’s Ritual
Huna has a meaning in finding things that are not easily seen in life.
With the mind and body consciousness according to 7 procedures
· IKE: Realizing Consciousness
· KALA: Break free from the restraints of mind and body
· MAKIA: Tilt to the right self
· MANAWA: to meet the energy
· ALOHA: Happiness – Enjoying the grace of the soul
· MANA: Cultivating reliable internal energy
· PONO: to impress the mind and body

It helps you contemplate life centered on love, aloha, interconnectedness, unity, peace and abundance. There are 6 procedures for Lomi Lomi massage.
· Prayer: As one of the rituals, it is prayer that controls one’s attitude.
· Breathing: Opens energy through mind and body breathing.
· Belief: The operator and the recipient communicate.
Consciousness: Realizing one’s inner consciousness as consciousness in the body.
· Music: Music is an element of nature and an important element of therapy.
· Dance: Sublimate the massage into the most necessary dance for the ceremony.

lymphatic drain

◆ lymphatic drainage

1) Definition
Lymph is the second circulatory system in our body because it is almost similar to the capillary and venous systems distributed throughout the body. In the lymph, the plasma flowing out of the blood vessels returns to the tissue and becomes tissue fluid. At this time, the soft fluid flowing in the lymphatic vessels is called lymph. Manual Lymph Drainage uses your hands to drain lymph.
It is a term named by Dr. Border, the founder of which is widely used in medical and cosmetic fields around the world as a method of promoting.
Currently, in Korea, it is called several types of lymph drainage, such as Manual Lymph Drainage, MLD, and lymph drainage. A Danish physiotherapist and massage therapist Emil Bourder performed a gentle stroking massage in the direction of the heart, and this was applied to the lymphatic system to initiate Manual Lymph Drainage. Manual Lymph Drainage was reported as an innovative skin care method in the beauty industry when announcing clinical results on acne, etc.

2) Purpose
Lymph Drainage is a method that promotes lymphatic drainage using the hands, helps the discharge of cellular metabolites and wastes, facilitates tissue nutrient metabolism, and relieves body edema and various pains to maintain homeostasis in the body. This can be said to be the most important role of lymphatic drainage.

3) Effect
Relieves edematous tissue
Maintaining the balance of the autonomic nervous system
Reflexes in response to stimuli
Provides oxygen and nutrients to each structure of the skin
· Normalizes muscle tone.
Relieves the painful area
· Boosts immunity
· Helps to drain waste products
Effective in inducing positive emotions through psychological soothing effect
· Helps smooth blood circulation
· Helps recover from fatigue
Effective for obesity
Maintain homeostasis, such as thermoregulation

4) Features
It is necessary to accurately grasp the flow of lymph and discharge it to the heart through the terminus, axillary (axillary), and groin (groin), where lymph nodes are concentrated. The effect can be maximized by utilizing the characteristics of lymphatic therapy.

5) Symptoms that require attention
· Thyroid dysfunction: For people with hyperthyroidism, omit the side view and perform Occiput-Terminus, but shorten the time.
· Bronchial asthma symptoms: In the case of a person with bronchial asthma symptoms, be careful not to cause a cough attack and avoid the sternum area.
Tuberculosis: In tuberculosis, lymphadenopathy is contraindicated because the bacilli can be made more active by massage.
Menstruation period: Avoid abdominal lymphatic drainage during menstruation.
Early pregnancy: Pregnant women should avoid it until the first 3 months of pregnancy.
· Chronic Inflammation: In the case of chronic inflammation, initially apply a short lymphatic drain and gradually increase the time.
· Pre-skin cancer nevus: If the nevus is a pre-cancerous stage of skin cancer and there is a nevus, movements around the nevus should be avoided.
Low blood pressure: In the case of low blood pressure, if you start with systemic management from the beginning, your blood pressure can be lowered.
· Malignant tumors, acute inflammation, and acute allergic reactions: decaying cells, bacteria. Viruses and antigens forcefully invade the lymph nodes, enter the bloodstream, and spread throughout the body through the bloodstream.
· Thrombosis: If lymphatic drainage is performed due to thrombosis, there is a risk of blood vessel occlusion, so lymphatic drainage is prohibited.
· Heart edema: In the case of edema due to heart failure, lymphatic drainage is contraindicated because it may worsen heart failure.


◆ tie

1) Definition
According to Thai medical theory, the body’s important energy “SEN” is centered on the passage, and the energy of Sen is flowed smoothly. it will match It improves muscle flexibility and balances.

2) Purpose
By allowing the flow of energy in the body to flow smoothly, it can help all physical, mental, and emotional parts of the human body.

3) Effect .Lomi Lomi Beauty Therapy
Increases postural flexibility and relieves pain
Helps relieve physical and mental stress
Relieves muscle tension
Relieves pain in muscles and joints
· Increase vitality of life
Helps joint movement
· Has the effect of stretching
· Strengthens digestive function
· Helps circulation of energy
Helps relieve headache and insomnia

4) Features . Lomi Lomi Beauty Therapy
Thai massage regulates and feels the energy flowing through the body, and harmonizes the flow of energy by leaning, twisting, or pressing the body. In order to achieve energy balance, we focus on the 10 most important lines among over 72,000 strong lines in our body, and apply pressure and stretch through 150 techniques using the feet, palms, elbows, and knees.

5) theory . Lomi Lomi Beauty Therapy
Thai massage is based on two theories.
· Sib sen theory: This is the heart of Thai massage. It is applied according to the person receiving the massage by compressing “Prana” flowing through each Sib sen.
The Four Elements of Life Theory: The four elements that make up life are earth, water, wind and fire. This theory is the main principle of traditional Thai medicine and is closely related to Thai massage.