A review on the opening day of Naju Jungheung Gold Spa Water Lock

Jungheung Gold Spa Water Pool

Jungheung Gold Spa, which is quite large among water parks in Jeollanam-do

My family who are Gwangju citizens but are like Naju residents

This time, for a day trip, for my son,

I went to Jungheung Gold Spa, which is quite large among Jeonnam water parks.

The outdoor water park opened on June 4th

I heard that the interior has been open since then.

Please refer to the website for detailed operation date and other information!

Jungheung Gold Spa Desk
Jungheung Gold Spa Desk

Introduction of Naju Jungheung Gold Spa fee

· The above charges are subject to change. [No night discount during the peak summer season]

· Discount partnership card: Gwangju VISA, Kookmin Card, Samsung Card, BC Card, Hyundai Card (point deduction)

· Criteria for application of postmark fees: 36 months to elementary school students [Holder of certificate documents such as medical insurance card, resident registration copy, etc.]

· Local resident discount: 20% off for Naju area, 40% off for Nampyeong/Tea area [When bringing identification documents, etc.]

Take a picture from the box office

I was thinking about posting a lot

Thanks to my wild son, my soul ran away from homely son.

As soon as I enter, I’ll simply check my luggage at the entrance

If you give me the paper ticket that you got at the box office,

I’ll give you a locker key that you can wear on your wrist.

​Here, point!

Shoes and closets for locker key numbers

You must use it

Before we go to the sauna with our sauna,

There’s something I have to do

Recharge the locker key!

All charges within the water park will be paid

Only the locker key.

Charging was partially possible with simple payments such as cash, credit card, and Samsung Pay.

I have to refund the unused amount again when it comes out

Don’t forget that, right?

I couldn’t take pictures in the sauna because it’s prohibited.

I couldn’t shoot the indoor water park because there were too many people from the morning.

But I still took a few shots with Yeo Reun-ro outside.

We have young children

Where should I leave my luggage before I visit?

No matter how many times I search for Naju Jungheung Gold Spa,

I was worried because there was no content like that.

I ended up renting two 10,000 won sunbeds

I don’t think I’ll come this afternoon.

In front of the outdoor baby pool, it looks like a cabin

There’s a caravan-like facility that costs 70,000 won a day

The water is cold because it’s outdoors. The kid can’t play well

I didn’t have to choose this place

If you have a lot of company, you can rent one day.

On the opening day of Naju Jungheung Gold Spa,

We only had some outdoor rides

Image of Jungheung Gold Spa Wave Pool
Image of Jungheung Gold Spa Wave Pool

From the most popular tornadoes to popular instruments,

It was almost in service.

She didn’t use it at all, but…

And the sunbed is right in front of the main wave pool

I invited a DJ for the opening day.

Yes, it was.

I borrowed it to help my kid take a nap.

I thought my eardrums were going to 오피사이트

The place that sells food to soothe your hunger after playing in the water

It was located in quite a few places.

We ate churros and we went to a restaurant called “The Beach”

It was very crowded during lunch time.

The restaurant was right inside the indoor pool

I couldn’t take a picture of the menu

Pork cutlet, fried rice, udon, jajangmyeon, chicken

I think there was about this much.

I don’t recommend kimchi fried rice

I think cost-effective chicken was the best

I filmed it to put my son to sleep and eat it in the afternoon

It’s another restaurant, and they also sell draft beer.

I’ll use this place next time.

a food court

It’s the biggest water park in South Jeolla Province

It was nice to have a day trip to Naju Jungheung Gold Spa

Overall, it was a satisfying outing.