Green Electricity at Home With a Solar Power Generator

rooftop-solarAre you a fellow environmentalist? Does being green warm your soul? If so you get a tax credit for installing a solar system and a lower utility bill. You brand yourself as smart and in the know. What’s more you are now officially green by using an eco-friendly method to power your home. You have purchased solar panels and a generator and kudos to you.

Solar is a cost-effective and responsible energy option. It is reverse technology: an old source tapped in a new way. It is clean, modern, and state-of-the-art. Who can contest the power of the sun and its eternal radiance? (As a kid, you tried to make a fire rubbing rocks together.) It is a gift for man to light, cool, and heat his home, to cook and clean through its presence. So don’t think twice about going this route.

In manufacturing, certain types of solar generators create steam and heat water to run electrical turbines. They don’t need to work nearly as hard for your home. Photovoltaic cells convert solar energy to DC electricity (an invertor will take it to AC). Dishes, towers, and panels are used to collect this energy while new and better materials are already under investigation for the next generation. As an industry, it is growing by leaps and bounds around the world. It is up to us to catch up.

If your utility company doesn’t use solar power, you can. Sunlight can drive your air conditioning, heating system, and lighting, thus allowing you to draw less from your local purveyor. You will be doing your part to stop brown and blackouts and to conserve valuable resources. If enough people comply, it would be a brand new world. Costs would be cut in half and the savings no doubt will find a better usage in your budget.

Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico are great places to avail oneself of the sun’s ubiquitous rays. Most parts of California are also productive, particularly in the desert regions. If you live elsewhere in the United States you can certainly use solar part of the year if sunlight is sporadic. Consult your local officials for information. You would have some dependency on the local utility, but not 100%. You also may need more cells which some find them unsightly. This should be the least of your problems.

The benefits of green energy far outweigh any considerations of appearance. We are used to these odd devices sitting visibly on roofs. You have to make a philosophical decision to lead your life in an eco-friendly manner whenever you can. It is not a perfunctory enterprise and you need to make a commitment. After all, the sun is a free power source that produces no emissions, pollution or toxins. It is the responsible choice; and for some, the only choice. Besides, the field is becoming more cost-effective and productive every day. Soon everyone will be jumping on the bandwagon but you can be proud that you were there first.