Going Green at the Community Fair

My life revolves around my community and its various public projects. The best involve environmental improvements and the raising of local consciousness. In our area, my fellow supporters have made significant inroads by promoting eco-friendly alternatives, funding causes (such as replacing incandescent light bulbs with the new energy-efficient fluorescents), educating the locals, and lobbying government and regional businesses. It is import to reduce one’s carbon footprint these days. This means the amount of greenhouse gas emissions an individual or enterprise produces. This keeps me plenty busy as you can well imagine. I give lectures, write articles, and otherwise spread the word. Hence this particular blog for you.

What are you doing in your community? I hope you have joined me because you care and want some new ideas. Let me tell you about the Westport Green Village initiative. It is an environmental group that among other projects participates in an annual community fair. All kinds of businesses far and wide support it from a local grocer and hardware store to a hair salon and martial arts studio. If you are going around assessing interest, don’t overlook anyone. I mention the latter because they set up a large booth lined with a soft mat to demonstrate their sport. They gave a talk at regular intervals during the fair and the demonstrations often involved volunteers. It was very interesting to the public who is eager to learn more about self defense. You can read guides like this to get started: https://www.selfdefenseguide.org/quick-guide-self-defense-complete-beginner/. You never know what situation you will encounter as you go through life. Just do go on your personal journal unaware.

The fair raised significant funds for our touted green causes, enough to feed our budget for the next year. I will be sure to ask the martial arts studio to attend once again. I might even take a course on my own since I found the principles of self protection to be valuable. I never paid that much attention to the subject. I don’t want to be a fear monger, but anything can happen especially if you are out at night or wander far from home. Don’t discount the possibility of mugging, assault, or a home invasion. Be ready to react.

Safety is within your own hands. If you train your body, you can surprise an attacker and offset most aggression. It is not a matter of size and weight but of agility and strength. You learn vulnerable points on a mugger’s body and how to use stun guns, Tasers, and mace. You learn self confidence so you don’t immediately panic and lose complete control. Applying fancy maneuvers comes with time and you won’t be Jackie Chan in a few weeks. You will, however, stave off danger because you will maintain a stance of “don’t mess with me.” Kids learn martial arts for fun and recreation and it is a great way for them to socialize and make new friends. Adults have different priorities. If you are concerned about safety, by all means learn self defense.