Types of Beauty Therapy – Foot Care

Foot care

1) Definition
The act of stimulating the feet to properly manage problematic feet such as athlete’s foot, eczema, dead skin cells, and corns to make them healthy and beautiful, and to promote and improve the internal health of the human body by stimulating the reflex areas in the feet along with foot massage. say

2) Purpose
The purpose of this is to remove aggregated wastes from the body and soles of the feet by periodically managing the feet, thereby facilitating metabolism and blood circulation, and preventing and treating all diseases.

3) Effect
· Helps to recover from stress and fatigue
· mood change
Inducing smooth blood flow
Improves swelling of feet and legs
Prevention of disease and recovery of health throughout the body by stimulating the foot reflex

4) Intravenous massage
Blood is a massage technique that pumps blood from the heart to the toes and back to the heart, where waste products accumulate on the feet, which are farthest from the heart and receive the greatest force of gravity. It helps the venous blood, which rises slowly toward the heart due to the weak pressure and waste products, to circulate well through the vein massage.

5) Myunghyeon reaction
Changes in feces and urine (the peristaltic movement of the large intestine becomes active, the feces smells bad, and the amount of gas excreted increases)
· Swelling of the ankles or fever in the body. (a subjective symptom of lymph)
· Sweating and feeling thirsty. (Wastes are removed, making your hands and feet sweat and feel thirsty)
· My eyes are cloudy and I have mucus, and I sleep a lot.

6) Precautions
· Do not use if you have severe varicose veins.
・Do not use during pregnancy or menstruation
· Do not operate after surgery.
· Do not administer to pediatric diabetic patients.
· Patients with bacterial disease, heart disease, kidney disease, or cancer patients are not allowed to perform the procedure.
· Hemophilia patients are not treated.
· Do not use if the skin has severe inflammation or athlete’s foot.
· Do not use for high blood pressure patients or after drinking alcohol.
Apply after more than 30 minutes have elapsed after eating.
· Adjust the strength and management time according to the health condition of the recipient.
· After treatment, drink 250cc of warm water to help discharge waste products.
· Treatment is performed from the tip of the toe to 10 cm above the knee.
· Stimulate the excretory system reflexes during the first and final movements to increase the effect.

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