Eco Fest in NYC


Though technically not in the New England area, one of the best places to go during the summer over here is the Ecofest gathering on West 70th Street in New York. Every year it makes the city’s calendar of events, and is designed for environmental enthusiasts that want to see and hear some of the most important advocates in the green movement. It’s not just for green enthusiasts though. Ecofest gets widespread public and private support from around the city.

This year is number 26, and its goal is to get people involved, engaged, and prepared to start and continue to be environmental at a grassroots level. There is the education part of the festival but there is plenty of entertainment, organized and presented by the West Side Cultural Center of New York. Every year I see lots of national and local media people covering the event, a huge plus to get the message out.

We need alternative energy sources, and this year brings an Alternative Fuels Display that includes solar powered cars and alternative fuel source cars running on stuff such as electric and natural gas. It’s good to know some of these alternative fuel source cars are already a part of the New York City and state agencies. While we can’t always avoid using gasoline to run our cars, we can conserve the amounts we do use.

Now here is an interesting but a little weird display – the Ecofashion show. The collections are made from 100 percent organic and recycled material. There is the far more likely to attend Ecofest Environmental Education Conference, good for those who aren’t interested in seeing the latest creations from Hefty Bag.

It is truly an inspirational event that gets better every year. What makes it better is the major environmental organizations get involved and offer volunteer time, money, and other types of support to help make Ecofest a success. Here is a short list of some of the key public and private supporters:

New York Zoological Society
The Audubon Society
Sierra Club
The Natural Resources Defense Council
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
General Motors
New York City Transit/MTA
Consolidated Edison
New York Power Authority
Port Authority of New York

To make as many people as possible aware of Ecofest, they have established a web site at It is a simple, straightforward site, built that way to reduce its carbon footprint. But there is a lot of useful information about the fest, plus on their About page there are a series of video clips that show their prior Public Service Announcements, offering a bit of nostalgia. On the Home page there are important Ecofest stories and information, along with the logos of currently committed sponsors and organizations. There is a flyer you can download and print to take along with you to the festival.

I give Ecofest 5 stars for entertainment, information, and relevance to the environmental and conservation causes.