Dealing With Termites in an Environmentally Friendly Way

Orange oil is an environmentally friendly solution to termite eradication. There may be others, but this has a good track record so far. If you have a major infestation and your house is practically falling down, the tent is the best option perhaps. But for small problems, orange oil is quick and easy—and does the job well.

I remember the big argument I had with my landlord about termite treatment when I first discovered their nasty presence.. He wanted to tent my house which would kill a beautiful hedge that surrounded the property that had been growing for twenty years or more. It costs a pretty penny to do this, but he knew of no other method that would “kill them dead.” I ranted and raved but only an article on natural termite control printed from the Internet gave him pause.

The termites were raiding a few kitchen cupboards at this point. I would clean the area periodically and tiny black pellet-like balls kept appearing with regularity. It was time to act. The homeowner was pretty responsive and sent a major termite treatment company out for an estimate, which turned out to be several thousand dollars. Yikes. I didn’t have to pay of course, but was reticent to have potent chemicals infuse my home. I knew this has been done for many decades, and yet….doubts remained.

I put him off for a few weeks, but prodding brought me to my senses. I had to make a decision. I called a company that was eco-friendly that swore no harsh chemicals were to be utilized. I wouldn’t have to leave the property for several days or worry about interior or exterior plants. My pets would never inhale a whiff of a poisonous substance. My clothes would not be permanently doused nor my housewares suffused with dangerous toxins.

It was downright quick using the orange oil (D-limonene) process—a little drilling here and there (unnoticeable). I was guaranteed five years minimum of a termite-free existence. I could just do it again if I had to, and it cost only a few hundred dollars in any case. Even if you are not a diehard green individual, this makes so much sense. Why would you opt for tent fumigation if you didn’t have to? The word is itself so scary.

If you use a trained and licensed technician, you needn’t worry. The orange oil solution extracted from fruit peel is low in toxicity and based on natural ingredients. As a spot application procedure, it is limited to certain areas, of course; but you can follow the guidance of your inspector and localize treatment for maximum safety. It is designed primarily for dry wood termites and careful detection is the key to effective control.

While some call orange oil an herbicide or an insecticide, don’t let the names frighten you. If you are environmentally-conscious, it is viable option to consider before the ugly green and yellow tent is erected to the chagrin of your neighbors. The bugs are killed by direct contact, but you are completely safe from harm.