Cleaning Considerations for the Environment

Cleaning tips are not a popular subject for a blog as a rule. But if they have to do with water waste, for example, then they are pertinent for many people who care about the depletion of precious environmental resources. Cleaning is everywhere without exception. Someone is refurbishing, scrubbing, detoxifying, or restoring at every moment of the day and night. They may or may not get paid for it. Everything gets dirty and therefore unhealthy and/or unsightly. It is an endless proposition. Just when you have finished one round of cleaning, it starts once again and goes on forever. Think of the poor weary sailors on a battleship or a besieged restaurant crew. Think of a carwash business or a maid’s service. Sports arenas, tennis courts, driveways, schools, hospitals, and industrial garage floor always need a sweep and a wash. We won’t even mention bathrooms and kitchens lest we hear some real groans. We have been there all too often!

Thus, we all face an endless round of cleaning at home and the office. There are no shortcuts unless you have the funds to farm out the job. As for the rest of the world, we journey on. What we hope to do, however, is minimize water usage and avoid harmful chemicals and aerosols that pollute the environment and are potential health hazards to both children and adults. If we can use eco-friendly detergents and toxin-free household solutions, we are far better off.

Water is sacred in many areas, particularly desert regions like parts of California, Arizona, and Nevada that are subject to repeated droughts. Of course Africa is prone to severe shortages of healthy drinking water. It can be a dire situation. We cannot continue to ignore the signs. The least we can do is be alert at home and do our part. We try to rotate the days we watering the lawn and keep baths to a minimum. Showers have become short and sweet. What can I say about swimming pool evaporation! Not everyone participates in this campaign, but more are jumping on the bandwagon all the time. Even my brother got a power washer for residential use stating that he can now eliminate the harsh solutions he used to use and protect the environment in one small way. He feels pretty good about it, and I call that a fine start.

My first reaction was shock however. Didn’t this power thing spew tons of water at full force? “Not at all,” he explained. Apparently it is so effective, that it actually economizes on water usage, especially if you don’t let it run too long. You do the cleaning chore and turn it off. End of task.

This was news to me and I thought I would pass on the interesting news to readers. I would like to hear your own experiences. We think everyone is doing something to conserve resources and therefore we are exempt. Think again. It takes a village as someone wisely said. Remember her words.