Cheongdam The Thai Aroma Aroma Premium Massage Review

Cheongdam The Thai Aroma

Cheongdam The Thai Aroma

If you walk a little from Exit 2 of Gangnam Station, there is Cheongdam The Thai Aroma on the 5th floor of the Gangnam Office Building. There is a pork belly restaurant on the first floor, so it’s good to get a massage and eat.

Let’s go up to the fifth floor where there is Cheongdam The Thai Aroma, where you can receive Tai Masaji and Aroma Masaji. Premium Healing Shop Cheongdam The Thai Aroma opens at 1 o’clock, and I went in as soon as it opened.

There’s a luxurious atmosphere even before you go in. As soon as I came in, the staff greeted me very kindly. You can rest in the lounge after getting a massage. I waited here while my mom was getting a massage and the couch was so comfortable and nice. I waited comfortably because it was more cozy than the cafe. I felt like I was at a fancy shop.

Cheongdam The Thai aroma course, program

Cheongdam The Thai Aroma is divided into two types: dry Thai massage and aroma massage. I heard that you need to stretch your body and get more comfortable with your Aroma like a picture.

Originally, I was going to get a Thai massage, but my mom said that Aroma would be better than Thai because there was a place where I was not feeling well, so I changed it to an aroma massage. It’s good to tell them exactly how you’re feeling before getting a massage. The staff told me what kind of massage I should get depending on my physical condition, so I was more reliable than anywhere else.

Tie Massage Program

1. aroma focus / aroma special / type focus
2. Couple Aromas Special couple spa

It is a popular massage course recommended by Gangnam massage guide.

If you go down the hall, you will see the footbath at first. I take a foot bath here before I get a massage. There is also a room for 4 people with friends, so it would be okay to visit as a group.It’s a big room that you can get with your friends or family when you’re tired after a trip. Of course, if you close the door in the middle, it becomes a double room and you can get it with a couple and a friend. dragon hill spa covid

​Private Room

It’s a private room that my mom got. The room was really neat and clean. After looking around the room, I went into the changing room. The shower room is clean and all the products prepared in the changing room are well organized, so it would be good to get a massage and take a simple shower.

Private ★Office Locker Room ★ and Foot Bathroom

There are gowns and disposable underwear in the private office locker room. You can go out after changing. When I went to the foot bath, they gave me warm tea first. They asked if the temperature of the water was okay, and they adjusted it to the right level because it was a little hot. dragon hill spa price

The foot bath massage while drinking warm tea feels like being treated from the beginning. I was surprised that other massage shops even took care of my feet if it was just a foot bath. Foot care was the best experience.

I waited outside while my mom was getting a massage. My mom gave me a vivid review after getting a massage. The person who gave me the massage was from Thailand, so I got it comfortably and it was very good. He said that he felt uncomfortable on one side of his leg after the trip, but that day, he was able to relieve the pain so well that his body felt really light. park hyatt seoul massage

I loosened my upper body, shoulders, neck, and hair. My back and legs hurt. I didn’t even put my legs behind me. They gave me a massage until the end, so my mom kept telling me that I’m really good at it when I got home. After the massage, he said that he felt that his fatigue disappeared and his fatigue disappeared. korean massage coupon

Cheongdam The Thai aroma highly praised by Gangnam massage guide

Cheongdam The Thai Aroma has a very good review on the Gangnam massage guide. I think I’m really good at aroma massage. It even disinfects shoes while getting a massage. It’s the ultimate service. It was really healing and I got a massage well. I recommend Cheongdam The Thai Aroma.