I recommend AROMA TREE shop that’s good at massaging


I’ve been taking care of my back

Sigh… After getting the massage, my whole body was shaking

It was so cool and nice. ㅜㅜ!

Hanam AROMA TREE is a shop that specializes in massage.

Maybe it’s because I always use my computer and cell phone to blog,

My neck, shoulders, and wing bones aren’t good

I’ve had my back covered

There are places where you’re sick and you want to take care of your pain

If you want to get lymphatic care, you’d better go!

It’s good that you can also get it as a couple. 🙂

And the person who gave me the massage was so kind.

So I was a bit nervous at first

I was relieved and I felt comfortable~~


AROMA TREE Introduction and Location

Phone number: 0507-1363-8367

Store address: Room 1302 of Twin Lax 111-10 Deokpung-dong-ro, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do

Business hours: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m

AROMA TREE is good at massaging in Hanam

It’s on the third floor of the Twin Rex 1 building.

There was a parking lot in the building, so I didn’t worry about parking

Free parking on the roads around the building

I was lucky to have a seat

Parking flex there~

From the entrance to the building

Deokpung-dong Massage AROMA TREE’s program

We have a price tag, so we can know in advance.

There was a program ticket right in front of the store

It’s a place you can see as soon as you enter!

Business license and license

It was placed in a clear view

It’s used when you get a massage in Deokpung-dong, Hanam

Products are also available!

I got 60 minutes and 80,000 won for rear care

If you get it as a couple, it’s 140,000 won

I go to get it with my friend

I thought it would be nice to get a discount if I came with my husband

I took it in detailNext time, as a couple!Haha

I got assigned to the massage room and went in

So that it’s dark and stable,

It’s that kind of atmosphere, so from the moment we go in,

Calm. It feels like the sun is setting

And the humidifier was on, so it was comfortable ~0~

It’s already good

There is also a guide for using Hanam AROMA TREE

Smoking is prohibited and quiet in the store

This is a healthy shop used by men, women, couples, and families.

Manners and words and actions are essential!!!!!

And there’s a styler!

You can keep your clothes here

Shower room, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletries

It’s all ready for one-time use

You can even take a shower!Wow!

I happened to look up

BTS The pictures

I guess the owner is a fan

(I’m watching you!))

I apply natural aroma oil when I get a massage

They gave me disposable underwear, so I wore it

The rest of you can take off your clothes

I was embarrassed at first, too, but if it’s a massage like this!

I won’t be embarrassed at all next time lol

The massage staff is not interested in my naked body at all

I’m sure you’ve seen it ^^)

If you lie down, cover it with a big towel!

All the staff members were Korean.

There are places where foreigners do it sometimes

There are no foreigners here.

It’s my first time taking care of my back

Even if you massage it a little, it hurts so much. ㅜㅜ

I almost cried. But it’s so cool

I can’t stop it

Please ask me where it hurts

He focused on that part and massaged it thoroughly

The fact that the lumps hurt and it clumped up a lot on its own

I could feel everything.

There’s also a round shoulder, so I’ll turn around and lie down

Massage the front shoulder and armpit

I also got the back of my neck and the upper shoulder.

There were so many places that got together

Oh, my. It’s stuck LOL

He’s so kind~

Please ask if the pressure hurts.

It was so good that I wanted to go there again >_<

I’m going to focus on my shoulders and neck

Maybe it’s because of the massage, but I got it all

You know how my skin got so much better?Hahaha

Maybe it’s because the blocked area is pierced and blood circulation is bad

It’s so refreshing and my face came alive~

He was kind and talented

Hanam AROMA TREE is so I recommend it!

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